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The Great Storm of 16th October 1987 - 2

This tree has fallen beside the A505 on its north side approximately 1.5 km east of Royston. Luckily the southerly gale has blown it away from the road and into the adjoining field of stubble, but had it been on the other side of the road it would have been a different story. Again, this tree has fallen away from the A505 road into the same field as the tree opposite, and has uprooted with the customary ball of chalk for the Royston area. Hyde Hill Farm can be seen in the background.
A truly amazing sight! The trees around the edge of this large copse on the Burloes estate on the eastern edge of Royston have all remained standing, whilst the gale has felled all the trees in the middle! This phenomenon is thought to be due to the fact that over the years the inner (continued opposite) trees have been somewhat sheltered from the elements and not grown as strong as those around the edge of the copse which have been more exposed to the sun, wind and rain and have consequently developed into tougher specimens. This picture shows more devastation in the same copse.

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